Under the motto of ‘As long as it was proven by our deeds’ the National day celebration’s activities will be located on the following sites:

Darb Al Saai

Darb AlSaai, is the path & way which the founder Sheikh Jassem bin Mohammed bin Thani’s Manadib, has trusted, his messages and his internal and external guidance. They were well-known by their loyalty, obedience, courage and discernment, to carry this very delicate role in the most difficult times, and these Menadib, carry out this dangerous mission by using the Qatari Camels. Sheikh Ali bin Jassem (Juwan), was on the top of them, who was assigned by Sheikh Jassem in sensitive and delicate tasks.

​The purpose of Darb AlSaai is to define the present generation with the extraordinary qualities of the ndeb chosen to perform this special task on which great things depend and important decisions, we have the courage, the patience, the fortitude, the power, the ability to deal with the harsh conditions in the desert, and the need to move very fast to deliver messages in a timely manner. His skills in horseback riding and camel and knowing the nature of the path in which he walks, if the physiognomy and analysis of effects, sounds and understanding of the movement of winds, clouds and other phenomena Natural, may be factors that increase the chances of performing his or her tasks as successfully and effectively as possible.

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Corniche Events

National Parade

The national march is held in the Corniche every year on December 18th with a big show oftroops in various military sectors and events reflecting the history and heritage of the State of Qatar.

Fireworks (Al Sharakhiat)

Fireworks are held at the Corniche as part of National Day events on December 18, in celebration of the National Day of the State of Qatar.

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