School students events

It is an event dedicated to school students with the participation of 12 schools and 30 students from each school. A field military uniform of police college officers will be allocated for all students. The students participate in the police college candidate program pedestrian class – sports barriers – field barriers – The ferry – Self-defense- field skills and raising flag inside or outside the headquarters

Opening Darb Al Saai Events

The Police College participation in the opening of Darb Al Saai event. It consists of an officer, students, and the musical band. They gather in the college headquarters on the day of the opening of Darb Al Saai event, then they move in a military march to the Flagpole of Darb Al Saai and then they gather around  the square forming Qatar map.

Audience activities

This includes the participation of children in the training fields, the field of air shooting and colors – the field of combat missions – ferry towers – the laser war field – the Police College exhibition

College and Council Exhibition

The Council is devoted to receive senior visitors, the official guests of the college. The exhibition also includes all events and courses organized by the college since its establishment until today.  The show contains  pictures, TV screens, smart devices, and figures