Al- Maqtar

Al- Maqtar refers to houses of hair in straight lines, and was built in this way so that no one is revealed to others where all face the south, and the house of hair that receives guests is situated on the same line and faces the eastern side of the houses of hair, but back of them for about 15 meters to be known to visitors as the guest board. It mimics the old desert lifestyle, where visitors can learn about the close proximity of their ancestors, as well as activities associated with effectiveness such as the environment of wild plants, birds, country animals and ancient folk games.

Varied Heritage Contests

Drawing camels step by step for young people
Setting fire workshop
Patience game competition
Narrator contest
Ramaa game
The Rebab, a musical string instrument)
Night dinner

Qatari Society of Algannas

TimeEvent DescriptionEvent Name
03:00 – 10:009:00 – 1:00It includes an explanation of the importance of falconry in the State of Qatar, a general review about falcons, and the tools of falcons used by snipers in their maneuvers, and there will be displays of live falcons in front of the crowd.Falconry ExplanationQatari Society of Algannas
04:30—————The association falconers make a “call” show for their own falcons in front of the association’s headquarters in Darb AlSaai for a distance of 50 meters, so that the method of calling birds” will be displayed in public.Calling Birds
06:00————A tutorial show for children about types of falcons, the tools used and how to train falcons, with a section about children’s competitionsTeaching Children
03:00 – 10:009:00 – 1:00Coloring show for children and the owner of the best portrait will be awarded. The winners will be awarded during intermittent periodsThe best Portrait
07:00——————A contest for children at the age group of 6-10 years, the contest is a variety of questions about falcons and the tools used in their treatment, and the top five winners will be awarded.Young Falconer