Events of the Educational Sector

The activities of the educational sector aim to enhance the value of the participation of school students of all ages in addition to participate in the various activities and events organized by the committee and based on strengthening the relationship of the current generation with its cultural and national heritage and prepare them to play their roles in building the country and in maintaining the habits of Qatari People and their traditions.

For her we sing

the idea is based on enhancing students’ national identity by deepening their loyalty and belonging to national cultural images that are part of their community to cultivate the artistic sense of students, through the collective performance of national works of ar


Limrada is a part of the Qatari folklore. It is a female celebration held in social events and festivals where girls are lined up in two opposite lines to perform a group dance and singing without musical instruments. The event aims at reviving the Qatari heritage and educating young people. With the participation of 16 female students from each school, the Darb Al Sai Theater will witness the performance of 48 female students representing the top 3 girls’ schools to compete for the top three spots during the evening.

Legal document

The event aims at raising the awareness of the community to the role of the court and to consolidate the principles of justice and the respecting of the law. While increasing the legal awareness, the event is based on the idea of the mock court where students compete before a judicial body representing the court of judges and advisors consisting of 3 judges. Each team consists of 5 students, 3 of them representing the defense for the plaintiff or the defendant.

future representative

‏The aim of the event is to create a promising future generation of media, empowered with knowledge, trust and responsibility by giving them knowledge of the ethics of the media profession and media rules and enhancing the capabilities of participants in all media tracks (TV – Radio – Press). First-place students from each category will present a special workshop that will show their media skills live in the public.

Qatar Debate

Debates are part of rhetoric arts that take place between two or more speakers on a specific subject and rely on the methods of arguments and intended to be persuasive. It has rules that grant peers rights and duties to provide organized debates. Debates are published in social and educational environments and are characterized by the richness of their themes that appeal to the public and attract their interest.

‘Ardah ‘Qatari Folk Dance

The parade is one of the methods of celebrating national and social events in a way that includes values ​​of pride and courage. It teaches them to take responsibility and courage and instill in them the enthusiasm, patriotism and masculinity. As Darb Al SaiTheater will witness an epic event in which 86 students representing the top three schools compete to determine the top three spots during the evening.